Saturday, April 4, 2009

Awesome split between two great French Post-BM bands. Valfunde is the side project of Famine from Peste Noire, and Amesoeurs is one of the (many) projects of Neige (Peste Noire, Alcest, Forgotten Woods)

The first track is completely instrumental, nice though with no vocals while most of the fans said it's nothing and meaningless, i'll leave it on you to decide^^, the second track is just amazingly starts with emotional-melancholic guitar riffs then distorted guitars with black metal vocals, the third track which it's the highlight, It's quite lighter than the second track with the same light-soft clean lead riffs and female vocals.
I have no clue if you would like it or not but it's fine release.

01. Valdunde - Hopital (2:22)
02 . Valfunde - Serenade De Verlaine (4:27)
03. Amesoeurs - Les Ruches Malades (4:17)
Total Playing Time: 11:06.

Download here :

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