Saturday, April 4, 2009

Von was a Second Wave black metal band from San Francisco, California, USA. They are thought to be the first American black metal band, and have strongly influenced the second wave of black metal.

Designed to be the ultimate minimalist black metal sendup, Von used the most basic riffs and songwriting concepts available to present a vision of demonic music as frenetic, simplistic and chaotic sound emerging in a continuity of linear energy. Pulsing drums play occasional fills but otherwise vary little, and guitars drone between two or three notes in a main riff that has one or two counterpoints in transitional subspecies of riffs which transfer direction in song development. Hilariously, Bathory-style disposable lead guitar stitches through many of these songs, making random-sounding diatribes with a sense of humor in their choice of points of harmonization.

Von have gained a cult following in the black metal underground since their disbandment and the few recordings of Von are considered classic and pioneering black metal. Prominent black metal bands have covered Von, either on record or live (or both), including The Beast, Dark Funeral, Enthroned,Krieg Taake and Watain (who are also named after a Von song), to mention a few examples. Also, in addition to spreading copies of the Satanic Blood demo, Varg Vikernes of Burzum did arguably direct promotion for Von by wearing their t-shirt in one of his murder trial sessions.

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