Saturday, April 4, 2009

Upsidedown Cross is a Doom metal band from Boston, Massachusetts formed in the late 1980s after Kilslug split-up. The band has only 4 official releases over the span of at least 17 fucking years and are no longer together.
If Sex Pistols played doom then they would sound just like these guys. The music is highly psychadelic and punk influenced on one side, but on the other side you can expect some godamned sludge. Tune it down to doom and you have a bad-ass combination. Actually when the band started to do recordings in the early 90's, the label Taang almost didn't sign them because they thought they were too weird and extreme.
Current line-up
Josh Martin (Adolf Satan, Anal Cunt, Impaled Northern Moonforest) - Guitar
Larry Lifeless (Kilslug, Adolf Satan)

Former/past member(s)
Seth Putnam (Anal Cunt, Vaginal Jesus, Executioner, Post Mortem (US), Adolf Satan, Full Blown AIDS, Angry Hate, Cuntsaw, Insult, Impaled Northern Moonforest, Satan's Warriors, Shit Scum, Sirhan Sirhan, You're Fired) - Guitar
Rico Pertoleum (Kilslug) - Drums
J. Masas (Dinosaur Jr., Deep Wound) - Drums (Witch (US))

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